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Published by Joe Sanchez on 22 Dec 2007

Ed Coop Holiday Party in SL tonight!

Happy Holidays from the Educators Coop

Join the members of the Educators Coop tonight in Second Life from 5-8SLT. DJ Bcreative Wild will be spinning holiday music and special request from 5-7. Join us if you can, we’d love to see you : )

CLick here for TP to Educators Coop

Overflow TeleportNorth Lamar and Bluewave OgeeJoe sanchez and Leslie Jarmon

Published by Joe Sanchez on 17 Dec 2007

Student machinima

This is the first of four student machinima projects I will be posting created by the students of Working in Virtual Worlds, a class I teach in the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin. Students were required to plan, coordinate, and host an event in Second Life as part of the class activities. Originally we had planned on having two tests in the semester but when the students asked to replaced the second test with a machinima project I agreed ; ).

The machinima project was an open assignment, i required the machinima be about the event they held and that every group member’s voice be heard. Other than that they had creative freedom. This is a video produced by the Drag Rats (4 students) who held a custom motorcycle show in Second Life. Many thanks to the Saints of Hell in Second Life for agreeing to partner and work with the students on their assignment. As you will see, the event was a huge success, at the highest point over 60 avatars were at the event. The video is five minutes and the students begin their narrative about 3 1/2 minutes into it.

Corin Lipinski led this team and produced most of the video. She graduated last week from UT Austin with a degree in Advertising and she is looking for an entry-level job in Austin. As you can see she is very fluent in everything Second Life and Web 2.0, if you have an opportunity available or have any leads for her please email me and I will put you in contact with her.

joe / North lamar

Published by Joe Sanchez on 13 Dec 2007

Cory Ondrejka Leaves Linden lab!!!!

Mitch Wagner of Information Week Reports that Cory Ondrejka has left Linden Lab He has a link from Moo Money who has posted the text of emails sent from Philip Linden to LL employees. Momey Moo’s blog post is titled, Was Cory Linden fired, or did he quit? A few updates have been posted and I’m assuming for now this is the place to go to get the scoop.

I have alot of respect for Cory Ondrejk, enough so that i have assigned two of his papers as required readings in my course Working in Virtual World. I’m eagerly await Cory’s next move, fingers crossed that you move to Google. Let me know if you need any help : )

Published by Joe Sanchez on 12 Dec 2007

W00t W00t

W00t W00t, “W00t” is the Merriam-Webster word of the year. W00t is being used more and more frequently in Second Life. Where i have seen the biggest growth of the word has been at educational events. Last year people would simply use a clap animation or a “/me nods” animation to indicate agreement or appreciation but now the o’l W00t W00t is starting to appear at the end of lectures and panel sessions. I think it’s cool, but according to the yahoo article, W00t is a “gamer” word. Hmm, educators, gamers, Second Life?!?

Kitty PopeW00t! W00t! Lori Bell and Kitty Pope from the Alliance Library System had a great write-up in an article from NextSpace titled The thoughts of nine experts about our increasingly online live. They are in great company with Edward Castronova and Hemanshu Nigam. I’m glad Lori and Kitty are being acknowledged for the contribution they have made in Second Life, W00t! W00t!

Lori Bell

Published by Joe Sanchez on 06 Dec 2007

Last day of class Fall 07

Well tomorrow is my last day of class for Working in Virtual Worlds. Its been a very interesting semester and it ended with quite bang last night at the Custom car and Motorcycle show. The sim peaked out at 62 avatars and many people were sending me IMs trying to get into the show but the sim was jammed pack. The Drag Rats, the student group hosting the event, did a great job networking with the Saints of Hell at Slaytona to organize their event. The live Dj played great tunes and the outfits and dancing were outrageous. I felt like i was at a biker rally. I think the students enjoyed themselves too, it was a perfect ending to our SL experiences this semester.

Students of UT present Custom Motorcycle Show


Before the event I was able to take a class picture in SL, a few of  the students had already left by the time I remembered to take the snapshot but this is a good sample of our rag tag bunch. 

INF 315e Class Photo Fall 2007

I’ll be writing more about the class and my reflections on teaching this semester in the next few weeks as things start to slow down. I’m can’t wait to see the end 0f semester evaluations, the Virtual Team analysis reports, and the final machinimas being completed by the class on December 17. 

Published by Joe Sanchez on 03 Dec 2007

Another Student event

Custom Car show in Sl 

The final student project in my Working in Virtual Worlds Class will be held Tuesday 7pm PDT at Slaytona. The event will feature a live DJ and several cars and motorcycles built by some of the best custom vehicle makers in Second Life. If you haven’t seen the high quality custom cars and motorcycles being built in Second Life this is an event you won’t want to miss. The work from these builders will inspire you. Big cash prizes will be given to the builders in both the MC and car class.

1st prize 5000L

2nd prize 4,000L

3rd prize 2,500L

Both the Custom car and Motorcycle Club cultures in Second Life have unique features from other SL groups.Many of the groups have strong rivalries and mimic the culture of Real Life outlaw MC clubs. This is a perfect opportunity to get a glimpse of a unique Role-playing community and support student work in Second Life. I hope to see yall there. IM me and I’ll give you a biker jacket for the event ; ).

p.s. The Office of Public Affairs office at UT Austin wrote a nice piece about our work at the Educators Coop. It is available here

P.P.S Leslie Jarmon is presenting a Session “Researching and Learning in a 3-D World” at the Texas Advanced Computing Center in Austin on Wednesday at 6:30. We hope to see our Local Austin friends there