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Published by Joe Sanchez on 31 May 2008

Space Navigator

Last week my 3Dconnexion space navigator mouse arrived in the mail and I finally had an opportunity to play with it today. After a simple software install the mouse connected to my Mac without a problem, I’m running 10.5.2.


I was pretty excited to try it out with Second Life so I logged in. Tried to fly…nothing happened. I tried to rez a box…nothing happened. I looked up the 3Dconnexion space navigator webpage and it said the software is only compliant with Second Life 1.20 (7). I needed to download the the release candidate, which I’m glad did (the release candidate works so much better on my machine than the current SL download).

The space mouse was hard to use at first. It really is a different way to navigate the world. To fly, you pull the mouse up and to land you push the mouse down. To pan you twist the mouse to the left or right . I found it easy to fly around a sim and to land but it was difficult to simply walk up to an avatar and have a conversation. I kept bumping into people….user error

Building wise the space navigator was a bit overwhelming at first. It was amazing to watch as I was effortlessly twirling prims around on their various axis. Be sure to lock all the surrounding objects including your attached items when you first use the space navigator. If you accidently select an object you are wearing and touch the space navigator your object will get tilted, twisted or flipped pretty quickly. See the picture below. I was wearing wings while I was rotating a box and at some point I clicked my wings which then got all twisted and out of line (this will make no sense to a non SL user). The 3Dconnexion space navigator worked very well with Google Sketchup, in fact it made the tool easier to use. I’m looking forward to learning how to work with the new tool.
crooked wings

Published by Joe Sanchez on 17 May 2008

Digital Storytelling

In about 6 minutes I will be part of a Panel in Second Life | Storytelling in virtual environments. These are a few sample projects I will be using. Better late than never : )

An example of an Intro movie each student of mine makes in my SINS course. This is their first assignment in the course and it is due at the end of the first week of class. Each intro (autobiography) must be less than 70 seconds

A digitalstory telling project about online dating created by a student in Fall 2006 course

The is a video about peer-to-peer file sharing a student of mine made in my Spring 2007 SINS course. The video is currently being used by as a training aid in an Academic Library workshop.

This is a short video about the DMCA fro a student in my Spring 06 SINS Course (Social Issues in a Networked Society). In this video she interviews Georgia Harper, the copyright and fair-use scholar of higher ed right up there with Siva Vaidahyanathan and Lessig. This video lacks the amount of reflection I would have liked but i think she makes up for it with her attention to detail.

Published by Joe Sanchez on 12 May 2008

Second Life Student created Machnima

My students have posted their machinima projects on youtube to complete their work for the semester. These videos were completed within a two week window between the date of their event and their final exam. For more info about the projects and my course Working in Virtual worlds click here 

Carnival to raise money for Wheelies

This group of students held a carnival to raise money for Wheelies (see post below). This three person team raised about $100 USD and created a fun event that people are still talking about 

Second Life IDol

Second Life IDol was an event held to support the Music Academy Online . The students had 6 singers compete in two rounds with audience votes deciding on a winner. The student team built the stage, arranged for contestants, built a voting machine, and advertised all over SL. They filled the sim 15 minutes before the event started…

Speed Dating

The Speed dating team was able to get 2 reporters to their event, I’m not sure how they did it (or why for that matter) but I was pretty impressed with their turnout. They even went as far as sending letters to e-harmony and for sponsorship. This group had a string of bad luck hit them at the last minute as they lost their first location to a sim crash and then their backup location due to a sim sale… I’m glad they had bonded as team because it really helped them to over the last minute obstacles.

Amazing Race

What is interesting about the Amazing Race is the difference between my students ability to navigate their avatars compared to the (in)ability of the people attending their event in Sl to navigate their avatars. My students tested their obstacle course with members of our class and they all completed the course within four minutes. Many of the people who showed up to the event had a difficult time completing the course at all and those who finished took between 15-20 minutes. As you can see in the video, the students literally run through the course while attendees walk, bump into things, and fall of the course……