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Published by Joe Sanchez on 30 Jun 2008

Virtual World Communities at ALA

Saturday i was part of a panel that presented a talk about virtual worlds and communities hosted by Tom Peters. We had a great turnout both in Second life and at the face to face conference. My part of talk focused on the why the Metaverse is important to the American Library Association and why the study of it falls into our domain. The audience seemed receptive to the ideas i think Tom wlll be posting the the session as a podcast on his website. I will post the link when it is available.

At the end of Tom’s talk he asked for a show of hands to see how many people were in virtual worlds other than Second Life…the picture is below
how many have used...

After the talk i had a chance to meet and give long over due hugs to fellow Educators Coop members Lori Momiji. I love meeting SL friends in RL and on my back to the hotel i was able to take a snapshot of three wonderful Information ISland reference desk volunteers. What a great day!

Second Life Library Workers

The evening was capped off with the School of Information Alumni recpetion hosted in the Sweet Suite. Below is a pic of the firework show from Disney land that is viewable from our balcony…mmm dessert, these things were yummy

fireworks frm the balcony

dessert bowls

Published by Joe Sanchez on 28 Jun 2008

Gaming Night

Gaming Night ROck Band 3

Gaming night was quite a bit of fun with a few unexpected surprises. ALA President Loriene Roy, an avid gamer, gave out the first Presidential Citations for Gaming in the Libraries. 3 citations were awarded, one for Innovation in Education, Innovation in Library Programs, and Innovation in Technology. What i liked about Gaming Night was the mix of table games and video console games. Many people were playing turn-based board games and i learned about quite a few new board games such as 10 days in the USA


The hall was setup with four projection screens with Dance Dance Revolution, Mario cart, Wii Sports, and Rock Band. It was fun watching people discover the Wii, for many people last night was the first time they had ever seen or played a Wii. I have a feeling that many will be purchasing a Wii when they get back home.

Gaming Night DDR

I had an embarrassing moment while playing Rock band. I was asked to play with a group of four Rock band Ringers on Expert level so we could show the crowd the complexities of the game. The other three guys were really good…I was handed the microphone and asked to sing Welcome Home from Coheed and Cambria….I failed out within the first few bars…BUt i later made up for it with a decent rendition on Enter Sandman from Metallica.

Gaming Night Mario Cart Wii

All in all Gaming Night was a lot of fun and it served in connecting the traditional board gamers with the newer video-gamers and I think both groups gained respect for each other and saw more similarities than differences.

Published by Joe Sanchez on 28 Jun 2008

My mentees pulled it off!

This last year I have been mentoring a group from the Emerging Leaders Program within ALA. The Emerging Leaders are a group of librarians that have less than 5 years experience in the field or are 35 or younger. I was asked to serve as a mentor for a group of five Emerging Leaders as they worked on one of Loriene Roy’s Presidential Initiatives. My group was originally tasked to construct a database of capstone projects and field-based learning activities being used in MLIS programs (Masters of Library and Information Science). As luck would have it…none of the emerging leaders in my group had the technical background to program a database so we altered the project based on their skill set.


My group ended up conducting a needs assessment and feature analysis based on survey results from 92 users. They were able to confirm that a database of projects is a good idea and needed but they also identified a need to create a process that would allow distance education students to find service learning projects in their local areas. For example, if a student was enrolled in a distance education program at North Texas University but they lived in New York, what types of resources are available that can help that student find an internship or field-based work in another state. Their project was well received and we plan on submitting an IRB application so that we can publish the results or reuse the survey data in order to publish the results.

Now I’m off to the Library Champions fundraiser and then open Gaming night

Published by Joe Sanchez on 28 Jun 2008

Forum on Education highlights

The 5th ALA Forum on Education was a huge success. We were successful in creating an interactive event for a large group of people. Rae-Anne Montague and Clara Chu provided a great foundation for the attendees about Service Learning and the role/s of those performing the service/learning and the critical their of reflection as part of the learning and service process.


The Researchpalooza was timed perfectly and the presentors provided a wide variety of service learning projects ranging from services to the elderly through service learning in prisons. It was a fascinating range of projects and ideas.

The group discussions were very powerful and participants were engaged. What i love about the event is the mix of students, professionals, and faculty all participating on a level playing field. I’ll post more later : )

Published by Joe Sanchez on 28 Jun 2008

Forum on Education (pre event)

I went down to scout the room location and setup for the Forum on Education that I’m hosting at 1:30PDT. The room is very crowded even without people in it. I don’t think there is room for people to walk around and view the poster session. My first instinct was to start right clicking tables and deleting them but then i realized Real Life isn’t that easy… I started to rearrange the room but chairs and tables are heavy LOL. The good news is that we have 20 flip charts in the room and we’ll be able to put those to use during the small group discussions. here is the setup (hope there isn’t a fire)

Education Forum (pre)

Education Forum (pre)

Published by Joe Sanchez on 27 Jun 2008

A little slice of normal

So Anaheim is really clean and touristy to the extreme and the convention center area is full of boring and surprisingly expensive chain and hotel restaurants. Luckily last night as I went for a long evening stroll I found a great local bar called Captain Bombays. I must have been walking for about 25 minutes before i spotted it so i imagine its about a mile and a half from the convention center area at Katell and Euclid. Great local bar, fantastic jukebox , quite a few beers on tap for a bar this size and .50 pool. The cab ride back to the Hilton was $8…

Captain Bombay

Captain Bombays

Cho Nho is a Vietnamese restaurant located in the same burnt up shopping strip (watch your step) where i ate the best shrimp fried rice in my life. Seriously, what was in that red sauce? Cho Nho was awesome, the food was great and as were the karaoke singers. Dinners were passing a microphone from table to table and taking turns singing. I think they were singing in vietnamese but i’m not sure. Good times and my first glimpse of “the real” anaheim. Well I’m off to attend the morning Oral History program.

Chot Nho

Published by Joe Sanchez on 27 Jun 2008

ALA 2008…Day 1

American Library Association 2008 Annual Conference

After a late night participating in the ITEA conference in Second Life I have finally arrived in Anaheim for the American Library Association Annual Conference. This is the largest conference these eyes have ever seen. I’m not sure how many people will be attending but the Convention Center and surrounding Hotels (plural) are all being used for various sessions and meetings. The conference starts on saturday but many people are already here and there must have 15 attendees on my flight from Austin heading to the conference. The ALA 2008 wiki is nice way to get a glimpse of the size of this conference.

Tomorrow from 1:30 – 3:30 I will be hosting the 5th Annual Forum on Education. The forum will focus on Service Learning and will feature a celebration of our ALA Editions book The Service Connection: Library and Information Science Education and Service to Communities. A few authors (including me) will present a synopsis of their chapters as we present our ideas and examples of service learning. My chapter is called “Real World Learning in Virtual Spaces: Service Learning 3.0”.

After the book chapters we will hold a researchpalooza where 12 Master’s students will tell us about their service learning projects in 90 seconds or less… Once they have all shared their projects we will break into a traditional poster session followed by facilitated small group discussions. I posted the abstracts of each project on the ALA wiki if you want to browse through them. The forum will be in the Hilton hotel, California Pavilion B.
the forum agenda:
1:30 – 1:40 Introductions and ALA welcome
1:40 – 1:55. Celebration of Service Learning Book
1:55 – 2:10 Emerging Leaders Service Connection
2:10 – 2:30 Researchpalooza
2:30 – 3:00 Poster Sessions
3:00 – 3:15 Small group discussions
3:15 – 3:30 large group discussion

and these are the questions we will use for the facilitated discussion:

1. What is your biggest “take away” form this Forum? In other words, what information will you take home and share with your colleagues?

2. In what ways can you integrate Service Learning projects into your library, classroom, or curriculum?

3. What is one thing that surprised or impressed you about the types of Service Learning projects presented?

4. What does Service Learning mean to you?

5. Are any Service Learning projects similar to a project you are currently working on or recently completed at your library? How do the two overlap? If they do not overlap, do you see a way that a current project can be turned into a Service Learning project.

6. In your current role as a library professional, library educator, library administrator, or library student, what types of Service Learning projects are you interested in? How can you integrate your personal interest with a Service learning project?

7. Two connections I noticed between Service Learning projects and ALA initiatives are …..

Saturday I will be part of a panel focused on virtual worlds, i’ll post more about it tomorrow…check our Sweet Suite
Sweet Suite front

The Sweet Suite balcony

Published by Joe Sanchez on 26 Jun 2008

Learning Through Enquiry Alliance (LTEA) tonight in SL

Tonight in Second Life or perhaps this morning (2am Central time) my friend Sheila Yoshikawa/Sheila Webber from Sheffield University will be hosting a RL/SL conference,LTEA 2008: Inquiry in a Networked World. I will be assisting with the SL portion of the conference as a moderator just in case Sheila runs into technical problems during the Real Life conference.

Shelia has arranged for quite a bit of interaction between the RL and Sl attendees. Two examples are copy and pasted from her blog:

00.00 – 01.20 (i.e. starting 8am UK time; 5pm Sydney, Australia time) Inquiry into IBL
LTEA2800 in SL will start by mirroring the exercise that will have been carried out as the opening plenary in the RL conference: participants will share their ideas about IBL and identify questions or issues about IBL that they would like to explore. Photos and text from the RL conference will have been uploaded to the conference wiki ( and SL delegates will be able to respond to these ideas as well as producing their own ideas about IBL and (if they want) 3D representations. The outcomes from this SL session will also be uploaded to the wiki.

01.30-02.20 (i.e starting 9.30am UK time, 6.30pm Sydney time) IBL in SL
The session consists of an interaction between participants in the RL conference and participants in SL.
Delegates at the SL track of LTEA2008 will lead discussion aiming to illuminate the possibilities for Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) in SL. RL delegates will participate via their own avatars or via facilitators and observation of the data screen. Participants may also compare their views of IBL, and reflect on the affordances of the RL and SL conference in developing these views. Lyn Parker (Maggie Kohime in SL) will lead the RL participants.

I’m excited to be a part of the conference and to see how the participation between the real and virtual audiences occur. I have attend conferences in a face-to-face setting that streamed SL into the room and I have attended Second Life conferences where video streams of presenters were displayed to SL audiences. Sheila has put a lot of thought into creating interaction between the two audiences going beyond the typical virtual audience asking questions to the f2f. Here is a picture taken from the face-to-face conference of the participants drawing on the table cloths during lunch
table cloth

It will be challenge to stay awake since the conference begins at 2am my local time. It doesn’t help that I will be heading to the airport to fly out to ALA Annual conference at 6am….its’ going to be a rough night : )

To register, email with your RL and SL name. You will be invited to join a SL group (as access to Infolit iSchool will be restricted to conference delegates)

ITEA 2008 conference” alt=”Learning in Second Life” />
Here is a picture of the Second Life session…I think this image of the SL users “visualizing” Inquiry based learning is fun to compare with the face-2-face table cloth drawings

Published by Joe Sanchez on 07 Jun 2008

New Agendas for Media Literacy

New Agendas for Media Literacy conference begins later today and will be hosted by Kathleen Tyner in the RTF department at the University of Texas. The keynote speaker tonight is James Gee who I hope will be talking about his book Good Games + Good Learning. Last time Jim was on campus he was speaking at SALSA (Symposium About Language and Society) and he seemed more than thrilled at his opportunity to speak about linguistics and not video games, leaving a few of us disappointed. I’m excited to hear his thoughts about Media Literacy.

Most of the conference will be held saturday and there is no fee to attend! Leslie Jarmon (coFounder of educators Coop) will be a discussant in the afternoon session titled Beyond the Classroom: Games, Simulation and Virtual Environments

* Literacy in Action: Media Literacy in Community Based Settings
* Beyond the Classroom: Games, Simulation and Virtual Envrionments
* New Media Literacy in the Formal Classroom
* Preparing Teachers for Digital Learning Environments

Here is a picture from the Friday night dinner at the Clay Pit
New Agendas for Media Literacy 3