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Published by Joe Sanchez on 11 Jul 2008

Learning in Lively

Learning in Lively 4

This morning (7/10/08) at 10am CST I brought my students at the University of Texas at Austin into Lively for a class session. We met in Lively for a little over an hour. During that time we built a room for the Educators Coop and taught each other how to use various tools such as embed URLS into objects, embed youtube movies into objects, and change the music stream in the room. We had a pretty good time playing with the default animations such as body slam and punch. Overall as a class we found it easy to use though very limiting since we couldn’t create our content. After a few minutes we had added just about every type of object into the room and there was little to do after that. We had a lot of fun discovering and i think my students enjoyed seeing me in a position where i was asking them for advice about building and navigating in a virtual world

Learning in Lively 1

We did visit the Linden lab room built by Pathfinder but there were way too many people there and we experienced a lot of lag. I choose a pig avatar and as you can see my students picked a variety of other types of avatars. It will be interesting to see what Lively becomes. I’m most excited by the browser-based client and the ability to embed rooms into web pages..especially facebook.
Learning in Lively 3

The room we made is here ….

Published by Joe Sanchez on 10 Jul 2008

Panel: The SL Student Learning Experience (7-9-08)

Students in lab
Tonight the students in my Working in Virtual class will present a panel in SL about their experiences learning in Second Life. The panel will begin with a short introduction and description of their projects. We will then break into groups for student led tours of their builds. Following the tours the students will participate in a Q/A session with the audience to discuss their experience in SL as learners. My students created three areas, a Quidditch arena, a Wellness Center, and a replica of an Austin bar and grill called Cain Ables. The students used half an island to build their projects and while they didn’t need the space they did need the prims… Below are pictures of their builds and an invitation to attend their event.
cain and ables

area over view Wellness center


You are invited to attend a special Panel session “SL The Student
Experience” to be held on Wednesday July 9 at 5:30PM at the Educators
Coop 1. In this session students enrolled in the undergraduate summer
course Working in Virtual Worlds taught by Joe Sanchez aka North Lamar
at the University of Texas at Austin will discuss the student
experience of learning in Second Life. The Event will feature samples
of student work and a Q/A session with the students and instructor.
This will be an opportunity to hear from the students’ point of view
of the highs and lows, challenges and opportunities of using Second
Life in a university course. Projects include a playable Quidditch
game, a reproduction of Cane and Abels (real life bar and grill), and
a wellness center.
When: Wednesday, July 9, 5:30PM (SLT)
Where: The Educators Coop 1
Overflow Location:
** This event is free and open to the public; – Sponsored by students
of INF315e **

Published by Joe Sanchez on 01 Jul 2008

All is Well – ALA208 day 3

Henry Stokes (my conference roommate) hosted a Wellness fair as part of Loriene Roy’s presidential initiative for workplace wellness. He did a fantastic job creating a day long program that included sessions on healthy eating, chair pilates, office yoga, hula dancing, and Dance dance revolution among others…
Wellness fair

Chair Pilates Wellness fair
I have never done pilates before but i must admit that i found the stretching to be very relaxing and I may look into taking a class when i return to Austin. My back had been tightening up the last few days since i have been walking around the conference area with a loaded backpack and sitting for hours at a time. The simple movements felt great and i could feel my spine straighten out towards the end of the mini-workout…

The Hula dance was really fun. My Hawaiian brother Annalou sang and taught us a short dance. It was great to see him interact with audience, he explained the history of the particular song he was singing and explained each movement of the dance making it easy to follow. The steps were..push the sun, search the ocean, pick the berries, welcome the Earth, and get nasty LOL… He was great

Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA) reception has been the highlight of my week. I was able to reconnect with Annalou whose wife sang songs for us on her ukulele. APALA knows how to let loose with beautiful song and dance. See the pictures below to get a feel of the reception….

APALA Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association

Look, another SL librarian!