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Published by Joe Sanchez on 02 Mar 2009

Second Life Report published

Implementing Second Life: Ideas, Challenges and Innovations

In October i wrote an issue of Library Technology Reports about some of my research in Second Life. The Issue, Implementing Second Life: Ideas, Challenges and Innovations is now available through the ALA TechSource Bookstore. In the report I identify the Second Life learning curve and how the learning curve creates barriers to student learning. I also discuss ways that i have designed curriculum to overcome the learning curve with specific examples from K-12 – higher education. A former student of mine and my current TA guest authors a chapter about libraries in SL. Her chapter is one of the few pieces I have read that that pushes back against some of the common held beliefs about building a library presence in SL. The editor of LTR says

In this issue of Library Technology Reports, virtual world virtuoso Joe Sanchez takes us beyond a mere exploration of Second Life and looks at the history of virtual worlds and how educators have used them as tools for learning in the twenty-first century. Sanchez extensively and objectively explores the pros and cons of using second life for both educators and librarians, and a chapter guest-authored by LIS student Jane Stimpson examines several examples of public libraries who have established a Second Life presence. Topics covered include:

A Social History of Virtual Worlds
Public Libraries in Second Life: Expanding
Service to the Virtual Environment.
Pedagogical Applications of Second Life
Barriers to Student Learning in Second Life
Understanding the User Experience in Second Life
The Second Life Learning Curve

To read more about the report visit TechSource

Published by Joe Sanchez on 01 Mar 2009

Prepping for SXSW

My favorite conference, SXSW, is only 12 days away and Austin is already getting energized. This year I will be on the panel “Gaming as a Gateway Drug: Getting Girls Interested in Technology” where I will have the pleasure of working again with Dee Kapila from girlstart. Dee arranged a meeting of the panelist last week and it was fantastic. We all have very distinct perspectives on our topic yet we are all aiming for the same social goals. We have the makings for a great panel. For those of you who will be attending SXSW please stop by the and say hi!

Gaming as a Gateway Drug: Getting Girls Interested in Technology
Room 6

Monday, March 16th

10:00 am – 11:00 am
Wanted: Girl Gamers! It’s not just about playing, but using play to ignite a crucial spark. This session will explore how educators, parents and the community can use video games to attract girls to pursue STEM (science, technology, engineering, math).

Dee Kapila Technology & Program Coord, Girlstart
Sheri Graner Ray Sr Designer, Sony Online Entertainment
Cindy Royal Assistant Professor, Texas State University
Joe Sanchez co-Founder, Educators Coop
Megan Gaiser CEO & Pres, Her Interactive