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Published by Joe Sanchez on 02 Mar 2009

Second Life Report published

Implementing Second Life: Ideas, Challenges and Innovations

In October i wrote an issue of Library Technology Reports about some of my research in Second Life. The Issue, Implementing Second Life: Ideas, Challenges and Innovations is now available through the ALA TechSource Bookstore. In the report I identify the Second Life learning curve and how the learning curve creates barriers to student learning. I also discuss ways that i have designed curriculum to overcome the learning curve with specific examples from K-12 – higher education. A former student of mine and my current TA guest authors a chapter about libraries in SL. Her chapter is one of the few pieces I have read that that pushes back against some of the common held beliefs about building a library presence in SL. The editor of LTR says

In this issue of Library Technology Reports, virtual world virtuoso Joe Sanchez takes us beyond a mere exploration of Second Life and looks at the history of virtual worlds and how educators have used them as tools for learning in the twenty-first century. Sanchez extensively and objectively explores the pros and cons of using second life for both educators and librarians, and a chapter guest-authored by LIS student Jane Stimpson examines several examples of public libraries who have established a Second Life presence. Topics covered include:

A Social History of Virtual Worlds
Public Libraries in Second Life: Expanding
Service to the Virtual Environment.
Pedagogical Applications of Second Life
Barriers to Student Learning in Second Life
Understanding the User Experience in Second Life
The Second Life Learning Curve

To read more about the report visit TechSource

Published by Joe Sanchez on 28 Jun 2008

Gaming Night

Gaming Night ROck Band 3

Gaming night was quite a bit of fun with a few unexpected surprises. ALA President Loriene Roy, an avid gamer, gave out the first Presidential Citations for Gaming in the Libraries. 3 citations were awarded, one for Innovation in Education, Innovation in Library Programs, and Innovation in Technology. What i liked about Gaming Night was the mix of table games and video console games. Many people were playing turn-based board games and i learned about quite a few new board games such as 10 days in the USA


The hall was setup with four projection screens with Dance Dance Revolution, Mario cart, Wii Sports, and Rock Band. It was fun watching people discover the Wii, for many people last night was the first time they had ever seen or played a Wii. I have a feeling that many will be purchasing a Wii when they get back home.

Gaming Night DDR

I had an embarrassing moment while playing Rock band. I was asked to play with a group of four Rock band Ringers on Expert level so we could show the crowd the complexities of the game. The other three guys were really good…I was handed the microphone and asked to sing Welcome Home from Coheed and Cambria….I failed out within the first few bars…BUt i later made up for it with a decent rendition on Enter Sandman from Metallica.

Gaming Night Mario Cart Wii

All in all Gaming Night was a lot of fun and it served in connecting the traditional board gamers with the newer video-gamers and I think both groups gained respect for each other and saw more similarities than differences.

Published by Joe Sanchez on 28 Jun 2008

My mentees pulled it off!

This last year I have been mentoring a group from the Emerging Leaders Program within ALA. The Emerging Leaders are a group of librarians that have less than 5 years experience in the field or are 35 or younger. I was asked to serve as a mentor for a group of five Emerging Leaders as they worked on one of Loriene Roy’s Presidential Initiatives. My group was originally tasked to construct a database of capstone projects and field-based learning activities being used in MLIS programs (Masters of Library and Information Science). As luck would have it…none of the emerging leaders in my group had the technical background to program a database so we altered the project based on their skill set.


My group ended up conducting a needs assessment and feature analysis based on survey results from 92 users. They were able to confirm that a database of projects is a good idea and needed but they also identified a need to create a process that would allow distance education students to find service learning projects in their local areas. For example, if a student was enrolled in a distance education program at North Texas University but they lived in New York, what types of resources are available that can help that student find an internship or field-based work in another state. Their project was well received and we plan on submitting an IRB application so that we can publish the results or reuse the survey data in order to publish the results.

Now I’m off to the Library Champions fundraiser and then open Gaming night

Published by Joe Sanchez on 28 Jun 2008

Forum on Education highlights

The 5th ALA Forum on Education was a huge success. We were successful in creating an interactive event for a large group of people. Rae-Anne Montague and Clara Chu provided a great foundation for the attendees about Service Learning and the role/s of those performing the service/learning and the critical their of reflection as part of the learning and service process.


The Researchpalooza was timed perfectly and the presentors provided a wide variety of service learning projects ranging from services to the elderly through service learning in prisons. It was a fascinating range of projects and ideas.

The group discussions were very powerful and participants were engaged. What i love about the event is the mix of students, professionals, and faculty all participating on a level playing field. I’ll post more later : )

Published by Joe Sanchez on 28 Jun 2008

Forum on Education (pre event)

I went down to scout the room location and setup for the Forum on Education that I’m hosting at 1:30PDT. The room is very crowded even without people in it. I don’t think there is room for people to walk around and view the poster session. My first instinct was to start right clicking tables and deleting them but then i realized Real Life isn’t that easy… I started to rearrange the room but chairs and tables are heavy LOL. The good news is that we have 20 flip charts in the room and we’ll be able to put those to use during the small group discussions. here is the setup (hope there isn’t a fire)

Education Forum (pre)

Education Forum (pre)

Published by Joe Sanchez on 10 Jan 2008

Highlights from Wednesday at ALISE

Highlights from Wednesday at ALISE (Association of Library and Information Science Educators)

Yvonna Lincoln delivered the first keynote (yes the Lincoln of Guba and Lincoln Naturalistic Inquiry qualitative text). Her research centered on the role academic librarians can play to engage the community in order to bridge the digital divide. She also touched on “library anxiety” and how the development of vigorous marketing campaigns can be used to invite the community to participate in programs. I really enjoyed her ethnographic methods discussion and how she incorporated the methodology to study organizations (libraries and communities).

Margaret Mackey from University of Alberta gave a fantastic session titled Rights and Rites of Access to Virtual Communities. “Rights” referred to the need to provide access to rich media material in libraries. Patrons have the “right” to access rich media in the same way patrons have the “right” to print materials. “Rites” referred to the media literacies teens develop as they work with rich media such as video games. She used the term “Thick Play” to describe the breadth of emotional, physical, and mental engagement teens experience when playing a game. Her research showed that librarians or young library pages (14 year old kids) could turn play into media literacy by scaffolding activities with teens as they engage with media. An example would be talking to teens about the games they play, the strategies, the narratives,  the design, etc… by having a dialogue she suggest librarians can help expose the tacit knowledge of rich media held by teens and make it explicit, leading to the development of rich literacies.

LiLi Luo and Jeremy Kemp from San Jose State gave a session about the work they have been doing in SL. The session touched on the kinds of activities/assessment/projects being done by the LIS students on the San Jose State island. Jeremy Kemp is really good about sharing his SL experiences with the Sl community so in a sense nothing new was presented but the audience reacted really well to his presentation and of course SL dominated the discussion after the panel.  It was nice to meet the SJSU Sl folks in person. Jeremy looks like his avatar…

In the afternoon I was on a panel Experiential Learning in Virtual Environments: The Internet Public Library, Second Life, and Web2.0 convened by Lorri Mon from FSU (Lorri Monji in SL and fellow Educators Coop resident). Lydia Harris from Rutgers started our session with a theoretical background of Experiential Learning, she was an amazing speaker and she set the foundation for the rest of us. I will be posting her paper and the PowerPoint slides from the panel when I get back into Austin. My part was about immersive learning through Second Life and focused on my Working in Virtual Worlds class. This panel was pro all the way, Lori really did a great job aligning the speakers, each presentation introduced the next persons work and several people told me afterwards that the panel was extremely well coordinated and flowed. nicely Thanks for inviting me Lori : )

mmmm, cheese steak and lager,,mmmmmm

Published by Joe Sanchez on 10 Jan 2008

ALISE and ALA this week

Tuesday  i jumped on a plane and  flew out East for ALISE and ALA MidWinter, should be a fun time. ALISE is “the hiring” conference for information studies and the conference for education in LIS.  This morning I headed out to the local FOX affiliate for an interview with Loriene Roy ALA president and my suitemate for the week. The weather lady was scandalous, she wore a black coat opened over a lace bra, too hot for Austin TV, but ok for Phili?

I hate flying but i was able to spend time with my nintendo DS. For the trip I loaded TopGun, Brain Age 2, and Classic Arcade Games.DS on the airplane

At the airport I was able to pick up and read one of my favorite teen age magazines (ironically Dimebag was still on the cover). I love Pantera, the Dimebag tribute articles made my eyes swell up a few times. We miss you DIME, Black tooth grin for ya my man 


More real content later : )