Published by Joe Sanchez on 10 Oct 2008

Virtual Worlds Expanding Real World Views

Last week after making the official announcement to my students that we had been selected to host a Carter Academic Service Entrepreneur Grant competition in our class I planned on devoting an entire class period to discuss service learning. I asked Leslie Jarmon to give a talk about her Alley Flats project and to discuss the impact it has already had for the community. She agreed and expanded the talk to incorporate a tour of the Non Profit Commons. During the tour she provided my students an opportunity to explore the NPC to find organizations or communities they might be interested in. One of the places we spent time at was Kiva (micro loans ). I’m copying a blog entry from one of my students to share her thoughts about the experience

A Cause for All Means
October 3, 2008
Visiting the Non-Profit Organization island in Second Life had really shown me that a sim could really be used in positive ways. Throughout all the risque features and socialite parties in Second Life, it was such a wonderful thing to find some light through it all. It was a light that reached out into reality and actually affects the lives of real people. Such a light was this island and in this, one of my favorites was Kiva and its cause. I enjoyed see the faces of real people, real people that we can actually help through the awareness provided by Second Life. The Kiva office in Second Life did serve its purpose as a real physical office would in the real world, to create awareness and connect two worlds of people. It is the connection between these two worlds that Kiva provides that serves as the link between two people that transcends all barriers. It really touches my heart that I can help real people help trying to get by in life. I believe that the awareness and promotion of Kiva was very perpetuated especially by the help of Second Life. In fact, thanks to this visit to Kiva from Thursday, I decided to visit and will help to donate a loan to a farming community in Cambodia, which is where my family is from. The people in this picture look a lot like my relatives who have passed away due to the Cambodian Holocaust, otherwise known as the Killing Fields. So seeing that I can contribute some way to these people, who probably have survived the Killing Fields, just as my parents, brings a smile to my face. I am always all for a cause so great and I’m glad to see that there are more non-profit organizations promoting their cause through Second Life. It always makes me see even more that Second Life is really a sim of the real world in that just as there is always bad in the real world and in Second Life, you can also always find good within.


There were similar reflections posted by students last week many of which involved action on their part. Its surprising to me to see that one experience can set change in motion. If this last week has been any indication, I can’ wait to see how the students answer their service learning challenge.

Published by Joe Sanchez on 28 Jun 2008

Forum on Education (pre event)

I went down to scout the room location and setup for the Forum on Education that I’m hosting at 1:30PDT. The room is very crowded even without people in it. I don’t think there is room for people to walk around and view the poster session. My first instinct was to start right clicking tables and deleting them but then i realized Real Life isn’t that easy… I started to rearrange the room but chairs and tables are heavy LOL. The good news is that we have 20 flip charts in the room and we’ll be able to put those to use during the small group discussions. here is the setup (hope there isn’t a fire)

Education Forum (pre)

Education Forum (pre)

Published by Joe Sanchez on 10 Jan 2008

ALISE and ALA this week

Tuesday  i jumped on a plane and  flew out East for ALISE and ALA MidWinter, should be a fun time. ALISE is “the hiring” conference for information studies and the conference for education in LIS.  This morning I headed out to the local FOX affiliate for an interview with Loriene Roy ALA president and my suitemate for the week. The weather lady was scandalous, she wore a black coat opened over a lace bra, too hot for Austin TV, but ok for Phili?

I hate flying but i was able to spend time with my nintendo DS. For the trip I loaded TopGun, Brain Age 2, and Classic Arcade Games.DS on the airplane

At the airport I was able to pick up and read one of my favorite teen age magazines (ironically Dimebag was still on the cover). I love Pantera, the Dimebag tribute articles made my eyes swell up a few times. We miss you DIME, Black tooth grin for ya my man 


More real content later : )