Published by Joe Sanchez on 22 Apr 2008

Virtual Worlds Overview

Some of the students in my Working in Virtual Worlds class recently submitted an extra credit assignment where they had to pick a virtual world and make a short video providing an introduction for a noob audience. These are the first few i have received.

Habbo Hotel


World of Warcraft

Club Penguin

This extra credit assignment turned out pretty well so i think next semester i will incorporate it into the regular content of the class. Each student will have to create a machinima about their final project so this exercise gave them a little practice before the major movie is due.

Published by Joe Sanchez on 21 Feb 2008

Metaverse U and me

Metaverse U was a fantastic conference/workshop  that i attended last week at Stanford. I planned on adding my notes here but I don’t think can add anything that hasn’t already been said and aggregated at technorati + metaverse U 

My course syllabus was quoted in an article titled A Disruptive Technologyin University World News in January. I stumbled upon the link while looking for this article from Government Technology that features the work of Texas universities using Second Life and a few pictures from my flickr page. I figured now is a good time to make a blog post where i could keep all these links together. Maybe now i won’t have to search for these articles when I try to explain what I’ve been working on. 

Young Librarians Talk about The Future of Their Professions is a piece from the Chronicle of Higher Education that I really like because the article isn’t about virtual worlds. It is about 8 librarians that are changing the field, I’m honored to be included with the other librarians. 

Teachers, College Students Lead a Second Life is short article printed in USA Today that aslo features my Flickr page…It is a shame that the pictures show me leading one of my classes to the Virginia Tech Memorial in SL and that less than a year later we have had another fatal shooting spree at a university campus… 

Educators Explore Virtual Worlds   is a nice write up from the Office of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin featuring the Educators Coop. 

 Second Life Worth a Second Look   is an article promoting a talk i gave at the Texas Advanced Computer Center back in May. 

Professors in Pajamas is an article written by the Second Life News Network SLNN about the Grand Opening of the Educators Coop.

Published by Joe Sanchez on 13 Dec 2007

Cory Ondrejka Leaves Linden lab!!!!

Mitch Wagner of Information Week Reports that Cory Ondrejka has left Linden Lab He has a link from Moo Money who has posted the text of emails sent from Philip Linden to LL employees. Momey Moo’s blog post is titled, Was Cory Linden fired, or did he quit? A few updates have been posted and I’m assuming for now this is the place to go to get the scoop.

I have alot of respect for Cory Ondrejk, enough so that i have assigned two of his papers as required readings in my course Working in Virtual World. I’m eagerly await Cory’s next move, fingers crossed that you move to Google. Let me know if you need any help : )

Published by Joe Sanchez on 12 Dec 2007

W00t W00t

W00t W00t, “W00t” is the Merriam-Webster word of the year. W00t is being used more and more frequently in Second Life. Where i have seen the biggest growth of the word has been at educational events. Last year people would simply use a clap animation or a “/me nods” animation to indicate agreement or appreciation but now the o’l W00t W00t is starting to appear at the end of lectures and panel sessions. I think it’s cool, but according to the yahoo article, W00t is a “gamer” word. Hmm, educators, gamers, Second Life?!?

Kitty PopeW00t! W00t! Lori Bell and Kitty Pope from the Alliance Library System had a great write-up in an article from NextSpace titled The thoughts of nine experts about our increasingly online live. They are in great company with Edward Castronova and Hemanshu Nigam. I’m glad Lori and Kitty are being acknowledged for the contribution they have made in Second Life, W00t! W00t!

Lori Bell